Equifax Customer Service Charter

Every customer matters to us, whether you are a business or an individual customer. 

Our charter provides the service promise that all Equifax employees live up to with each and every interaction.

  • Helping you. 
    We are available to respond to your service needs through multiple contact points such as online and self-service options, by phone or email, face to face meetings or web channels. 
  • Taking ownership. 
    Equifax people are skilled  and empowered to meet your service needs. We are professional, committed and trustworthy.We believe in operating with integrity to listen and resolve your service requirements. 
  • Delivering quality. 
    We are accountable for delivering a customer experience that meets the quality expected by our customers. We will respond to you by understanding your needs and asking the right questions to ensure you get the best result.   Your feedback is valued and used to continually improve the quality of our performance. 
  • Providing timely responses. 
    Responding to you quickly is paramount to what we do. We will provide regular updates through to conclusion.

As part of our commitment to  improvement, Equifax continually reviews its service standards.

If you have a service need or if our products or services are not meeting your expectations, please contact us.