Value-driven benefits for your analytics team

  • Data Capability

    Work with multiple data sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers and their behaviours.

    Combine your business’s internal data with data available from Equifax and third parties. All data is cleansed and matched using Equifax’s proprietary matching rules, tailored to the Australian population and data ecosystem through our 50 years of experience.

  • Analytic Capability

    Conduct data preparation and exploration using powerful analytic tools.

    Achieve model development, data visualisation and reporting with ease and efficiency.

  • Security

    Protect your data, your business and your customers with multilayer security.

    Ignite Direct includes role-based and project-based security, controlling data access and permissible use.

  • Single Environment

    Set-up a centralised end-to-end analytical environment within weeks, not months.

    Platform and delivery models are flexible and easily scalable to suit various needs.

  • Processing Speed

    Store and process your entire dataset while simultaneously interacting with it.

    Hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and powered by Hadoop on Cloud. Ignite Direct can be scaled to suit, enabling complex data analysis to occur in minutes or within a few hours.