Analytics Solutions

Use data to innovate and create new sources of competitive advantage through Equifax analytics solutions.


The value of data is in the story it holds. But sometimes the story gets lost in translation. What you need is an accurate and reliable way to turn internal and external data into actionable insights.

Explore new insights and opportunities with more data than ever – Equifax consumer and commercial data, your data, and third-party data.

Create new analytical and predictive models and characteristics, business strategies and growth.

Innovate intelligently at every point in the value chain, and create new sources of competitive advantage.

Driving a new way of decision-making across the customer lifecycle using data and advanced analytics.

Make smarter decisions, faster

Get New Customers

Attract: Ensure the customers you target align with your business strategy.

Acquire: Reduce risk and increase return on investment by acquiring the right customers.

Manage Your Business

Grow: Understand customer behaviours to find opportunities for growth.

Retain: Optimise customer relationships to retain valued customers.

Churn: Reduce operational costs by managing unprofitable customers.


Equifax Visual Insights

Quickly access visual insights from our online marketplace to inform your strategies.
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