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Bankruptcy Check

For an Australian Person
What's included?
Name, DOB, address, trustees, aliases, bankruptcy information

What is a Bankruptcy Check?

A Bankruptcy Check from Business Credit Express provides detailed information on a person's bankruptcy history. The report will specify whether or not an individual has been declared bankrupt following an application from a creditor or personally filed for bankruptcy.

Information is sourced from the national bankruptcy register and includes details of any current bankruptcy issues as well as historic records.

A Bankruptcy Check includes:

  • Administration type and number
  • Petition type
  • Date of submission and discharge date
  • Grounds of bankruptcy
  • Trustee names
  • Objections

Who is this report suitable for?

A Bankruptcy Check is suitable for anyone wanting to confirm the bankruptcy status of an individual for medium- to low-risk decisions.

What does this report include?

Applications from creditors. As well as personal bankruptcy information, this report also contains information on whether the application for bankruptcy was initiated by a creditor or creditors.

What are the key benefits?

  • Up-to-date information.  Knowing whether you are dealing with someone that has had serious financial hardship now or in the past can help you make informed decisions in doing business with them.
  • Quick and easy. Equifax’s Bankruptcy Checks are available at the click of a button. Simply search for the person by name and get your report instantly.

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