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Reports for an International Business

In today’s competitive and fast-changing business environment, obtaining reliable and timely checks of an overseas company’s business credentials can be critical to doing business successfully.

Equifax’s international credit reporting service, in partnership with GlobalCIS®, provides you with access to a comprehensive database of international reports totalling more than 65 million companies and a one-stop global network of experienced credit investigators.

An Investigative Report is designed to assist businesses manage large risk exposures. Detailed financial information is obtained directly from the business, combined with data from other sources, including Equifax's credit bureau, and then prepared into a report by a professional analyst.

Quickly verify the legitimacy of an entity by accessing up-to-date ASIC information, including its structure, legal entity name and more. A Company Extract is an instant report that allows you to verify the details of who you are dealing with.

Order an International Credit Report and quickly and effectively assess the business risks associated with a company outside of Australia. Assembled by an experienced GlobalCIS credit investigator, an International Credit Report will help equip you to make medium- to high-risk decisions at an international level.

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