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International Credit Report

For an International Business
What's included?
Entity details, status, state, business start date
Company structure, director & shareholder details
Current external administration (if applicable)
Entity adverse, court actions & credit enquiry summary
Previous external administration, officeholders, incorporation & company details
Risk score on company & directors
Director on other boards
Trade payment data (if available)
Investigation (internet & phone analysis)
Financial analysis
Name, DOB, address, trustees, aliases, bankruptcy information

What is an International Credit Report?

An International Credit Report provides credit information to help you assess the business risks associated with a company outside of Australia. Our partnership with GlobalCIS gives you access to a comprehensive database of international reports on more than 65 million companies across 230 different countries.

The International Credit Report is assembled by one of GlobalCIS's experienced credit investigators.

Who is this report suitable for?

The International Credit Report is suitable for companies making medium- to high-risk decisions at an international level.

What does this report include?

The information contained in an International Credit Report includes:

  • Company details such as status, type and address
  • Classifications, ownership and management details
  • Information on related parties like shareholders and directors
  • Records of any adverse on file and credit enquiries
  • A financial summary
  • A recommended credit limit.

What are the key benefits?

  • Uniformity in international credit reporting.  Your International Credit Report will give you consistent content, credit scoring, risk analysis, methodology, and language, regardless of the country the company is located in.
  • Standard pricing. The cost of an International Credit Report is the same across each of the 230 countries, making it a cost-effective way to investigate offshore businesses.
  • Quick turnaround. On average an International Credit Report will take just five days to turn around, giving you quick access to the answers you need, while also ensuring the information is compiled by an expert.
  • Cost effective way to perform due diligence on overseas customers. Get information on prospective international customers, suppliers, distributors, licensees or agents with an International Credit Report.
  • Competitor intelligence. If your company is entering new markets, you can access information on potential competitors. The information contained in the International Credit Report will help you make informed decisions.
  • Helps to reduce bad debt. As with all our reports, an International Credit Report is ideal for minimising the risk of incurring bad debts as a result of a business relationship.

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