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Investigative Report

For an International Business

What is an Investigative Report?

The Investigative Report from Business Credit Express offers you an unparalleled level of information on a company.  Detailed financial information is obtained directly from the business, combined with data from other sources, including Equifax's credit bureau, and then prepared by a professional analyst who will provide you with:

  • Thorough and current financial information on the business
  • Detailed commercial credit information about the business, including trade payment data
  • Commercial credit information about the directors of the business
  • A comprehensive risk score for the business
  • In-depth information about the company structure, including shareholder details, operations, and financials
  • Details of properties owned by the directors of the business (contained in the Investigative Report with Property Summary only)

With all of this information on hand, you will be able to make informed decisions where large exposures may be involved. 

Who is this report suitable for?

This report is best for medium to high-risk business decisions.

What does this report include?

  • An accurate summary of a business's financial position. Combining a company’s financials, with current and historical ASIC data and Equifax’s commercial bureau can help you understand the financial position of the company.
  • Credit information on company directors. Company information is only half the picture – additional information on the commercial history of a company’s directors will give you the complete picture. This report details any issues that have arisen with a director's previous businesses, such as commercial credit enquiries and commercial credit adverse data such as defaults and court actions.
  • Supporting information on a director's property. If you choose the Investigative Report with Property Summary, you’ll also receive information on any property owned by the directors of a company. You can include up to three director searches with this option.

What are the key benefits?

  • Get detailed financial information about a business to help make informed decisions. The Investigative Report gives you in-depth information to help assist you to make high credit risk decisions in relation to your business.
  • Get credit information, including a quick and easy-to-read score. Get detailed credit information about a company and its directors from Equifax's credit bureau, including adverse and enquiries, recommendations and trade payment information, as well as important information about a business's structure to help determine if your customer poses a high, medium or low risk to your business.

Get your Investigative Report now

Investigative Reports are now available through our partner Corporate Scorecard.

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What's Included? Investigative Report Investigative Report with Property Summary
$349 $449
Entity details, status, state, business start date
Company structure, director & shareholder details
ASIC document list
Current external administration (if applicable)
Entity adverse, court actions & credit enquiry summary
PPSR registrations
Principal adverse summary
Risk score on company & directors
Director credit information
Risk score on company
Director on other boards
Trade payment data (if available)
Investigation (internet & phone analysis)
Financial analysis
Property summary

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