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SwiftCheck Company & Director + PPSR Credit Report

For an Australian Business
What's included?
Entity details, status, state, business start date
Company structure, director & shareholder details
Current external administration (if applicable)
Entity adverse, court actions & credit enquiry summary
PPSR registrations
Previous external administration, officeholders, incorporation & company details
Principal adverse summary
Risk score on company
Director on other boards
Trade payment data (if available)
Name, DOB, address, trustees, aliases, bankruptcy information

What is a SwiftCheck Company & Director + PPSR Credit Report?

The Company & Director + PPSR Credit Report helps you to quickly and effectively assess the business risks associated with a company and its directors.  

As well as including both company and director information, it also tells you if anyone has a security interest in that business. By including director data, you are twice as likely to find an adverse credit event on an entity, helping you make informed decisions. Security interest information is drawn from the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

Our Company & Director + PPSR Credit Report is instantly generated and delivered to you within minutes.

Who is this report suitable for?

This report is suited for medium- to high-risk business decisions.

What does this report include?

  • Reliable online score. An easy to read score can help you quickly assess the risk of working with a company. The score is derived using an industry proven statistical process which can be compared across the market.
  • Credit adverse and enquiries. A summary of credit enquiries and adverse will help you understand the events that have contributed to the score and the potential impact they may have on your decision.
  • External administration information. Find out whether a company is insolvent or currently in administration.
  • Up-to-date information. Company structure information, including legal entity name, addresses, directors, shareholder details and more, is current and sourced through ASIC.
  • Business details. Learn about the entity status and state of the business, and when it started.
  • PPSR Registrations. Find out if any personal property registrations exist for the company and its directors.  Personal property can include inventory, shares, plants, machinery, property and more.

What are the key benefits?

  • In-depth knowledge. By including the director data in the risk assessment, you get more insight into the people behind the business that can impact in your dealings with that entity.
  • Valuable findings. By accessing director data, you are twice as likely to find a negative finding on the bureau, and are in a better position to make an informed decision as a result.
  • Quick and simple report. Available in a matter of minutes, this report allows you to easily gauge credit risk and make informed decisions based on current information.

Get your SwiftCheck Company & Director + PPSR Credit Report now

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