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Chasing debtors can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you're a small business owner with a busy workload and limited resources.
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With many customers late in paying each month, that's a lot of overdue notices to send. It's also a substantial time investment in written reminders and phone calls.

Jump on your unpaid invoices straight away and save on the expense of outsourcing to third-party agencies. With Equifax Engage Plus, it's not difficult, intimidating or time-consuming to recover debt from your customers. That's because everything you need – including communication, monitoring and reporting of accounts in arrears – is visible and organised in an easy-to-use portal.

Give your customers easy ways to pay their debt with self-service payment options, self-directed payment plans and multilingual chat support. Provide support across all digital channels: live chat, email, SMS, and voice.

Send out payment reminders using communication templates customised with your company logo and brand colours. Your branding, combined with the Equifax Engage Plus name on customer messaging, shows that you prioritise transparency and trust.

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“Our percentage of self-cure debtors before Equifax Engage Plus was 22%. This more than tripled under Equifax Engage Plus, to a peak of 71% over a four-week period.” a major toll road operator