EPISODE 2:  Chat with Senior Economist at CBA, Belinda Allen.

In this second episode of our Go Talks podcast, Stuart McKinlay from Equifax asks Senior Economist at Comm Bank, Belinda Allen, to share her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for credit providers in 2021 and beyond.

Tune in to hear:

  • Why there are three types of buyers in the property market.
  • What market conditions might prompt RBA to lift interest rates.
  • How Australia’s booming mortgage demand affects banks.
  • CommBank’s use of data to track changes in consumer credit behaviour.


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EPISODE 1: Be prepared to re-think your notion of what makes a good credit customer.

The trends that we see in consumer credit behaviour show habitual changes in borrowers brought on by the COVID-19 bubble. Consumer A is prioritising the maintenance of a new, improved lifestyle while consumer B has cut back on expenses and is struggling under the weight of their liabilities.

Kevin James from Equifax unpacks what these key insights mean for Australia’s Big Banks.

In the first episode, we’re looking at:

  • Why mortgage repayments might suffer among borrowers not willing to reduce their living expenses
  • What the data shows about which borrowers are likely to default in the coming months
  • The new definition of a creditworthy consumer
  • How improved modelling and alternative data sources can deliver more predictive credit decisions.

Go: Talks podcast from Equifax shows you how to use data, analytics and technology to make critical decisions.

Our hosts and expert guests analyse the latest market insights and what it means for risk management, business growth, customer retention and much more.


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