What Should I Do If I Think My Identity Has Been Stolen?

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It can happen to anyone. Your information could be stolen online, you could lose your wallet or a company you trust could have a data breach. How ever it may happen, you need to act fast.

If you think someone has stolen your identity, you should act immediately:

  • Checking your statements for unauthorised transactions
  • Cancelling your credit card(s)
  • Contacting your bank
  • Changing your email address(es)
  • Changing passwords
  • Filing a police report
  • Place a ban on your credit report

Other steps to take include:

  • Get an up to date copy of your credit report to confirm that the information on the file relates to applications for credit that you have made. Get a copy of your credit file here or if you're already a member you can order an adhoc credit report.
  • contact credit reporting agencies like Equifax and put a ban on your credit report to help prevent fraudulent accounts being opened in your name. The ban period means that if a credit provider requests your credit report as part of an assessment of a credit application Equifax cannot share it unless you have provided express written consent or if it is required by law. The initial ban period is for 21 days and can be extended if you need.
  • contact any credit providers listed on your credit report to whom you have not applied for credit so that they can investigate and take appropriate and prompt action. If you don’t recognise the company that made the enquiry contact them to request an investigation.
  • contact the police and report the crime.
  • Inform the relevant government agency if personal information is stolen. This includes your driver’s licence, passport, citizenship papers, Medicare card, birth, marriage and change-of-name certificates, tax file number, superannuation or pension.

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