What is Verification Exchange for Employees?

Frequently Asked Questions

ReachTEL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equifax. We are not owned by or affiliated with any political party, media outlet, union or special interest group.

Yes. Currently, we provide Voice & SMS Broadcast services into Australia and New Zealand.

Yes. We call landline and mobile phone numbers. The proportion of landlines to mobile that we call varies, depending on the location we are targeting.

We apologise for any inconvenience that our call may have caused you. 

The Do Not Call Register covers calls that are intended to advertise or promote goods or services, and the Act has specific exemptions that allow for market research calls. We can remove your telephone number from our calling lists to ensure that we do not call you again. To ensure you are opted out from our calling list, simply complete your details in this form.  

Telephone numbers are chosen at random from a large data set of available numbers. Our data is sourced from a number of reputable list suppliers.

No, you won't be included in our results. Only responses from respondents that complete all survey questions including demographic questions will be included in the final results.

The automated nature of our calls means that we sometimes over-sample some demographic segments. To overcome this and to ensure we have a sample that accurately reflects the population, we apply statistical weighting. We rely on demographic data from the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics to achieve this industry-standard practice.