PPSR technical terms are relatively new and rules around registration are complex. As a result, many businesses registering on the PPSR may be making mistakes that could limit or invalidate their protection.

EDX is an Equifax company whose experts have backgrounds in insolvency, law, accounting and assisting customers comply with the PPSR system in Australia and New Zealand. Our team translates the sometimes tricky rules of the legislation and the PPSR itself into practical advice your company can action. They also identify registrations that fail to comply with your PPSR policy – or intended PPS footprint – and help you fix those gaps.

Data Analysis and Remediation

Our experts prepare a collateral profile for your business and identify any customer specific considerations. This acts as a benchmark for identification of PPSR exceptions.

We extract your PPSR data and complete an analysis to identify and report back on exceptions. This report includes recommended remediation if necessary.

We can help your organisation quickly remediate problem registrations through bulk processing.

Assurance Review

An Assurance Review is a more comprehensive look at your PPSR activities. In addition to Data Analysis and Remediation, it includes an assessment of your current PPS policies and procedures to identify any areas of risk. The final report includes recommendations for policy or procedural improvement if necessary to better protect your security interests. 

  • Identify areas of risk
    Gain clarity on whether you have registrations that fail to comply with your PPSR policy.
  • Reduce risk by remediating
    Ensure continued protection of security interests by quickly remediating problem registrations through bulk processing.
  • Maximise enforceability of your security interests
    Strengthen your PPSR policy based on expert advice to maximise enforceability of your security interest if a client becomes insolvent.