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Debtor IQ Premium gives even more insight into the credit risk of your customers, including a weekly risk score for your accounts indicating the probability of a credit adverse event occurring in the next 12 months, quick links to target High Risk, Collectible or Performing accounts as well as Industry payment comparisons and more. Read more about the benefits of Debtor IQ Premium.

The security of your data is a top priority for Equifax.

All data transfer for Debtor IQ is managed over secure channels. Equifax will aggregate your data into market and industry trends and all information that is presented to third parties will be de-identified, aggregated and rounded to help ensure your sensitive financial information is protected and secure.

Equifax provides a range of channels to give you access to consumer and commercial data, simply and easily.

Our products and data can be accessed through IQ Connect, Visualisation, API Connect, DecisionPoint 3 and Data Link Manager.  For more information on each channel please visit the Channels page.

To access eTrace, please call us on 1300 748 215 or apply online to set up an eTrace account.

Once approved, you will be provided with a username and password for the eTrace website so you can log in and start using the service straight away. You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions for eTrace, which are separate to Equifax.

The Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) is like an electronic ‘bulletin board’ of financing statements that record security interests granted over personal property. The details of the security interests are directly entered onto a single national electronic register.