Searching the PPSR is critical to making the right decision as a secured lender or supplier. However, navigating PPSR search results can be daunting due to the number of registrations returned, the effect of migrated security interests and complexity around identifying the grantor.

Our market-leading search solution lets you efficiently and accurately search and interpret PPSR data to make better decisions faster.

Search easily, quickly and accurately

Our PPSR search solution supports all available search types – grantor, serial number, registration number and ordinal.

Painstaking grantor searches are made easier with multi-search, so that you can search up to three organisation identifiers (eg. ACN, ABN, name) in one click and know you have captured all registrations for that entity. A grantor search can also be bundled with an ASIC search to better fit the credit assessment process of your organisation.

Grantor search is supported by organisation validation, whilst serial number search is supported by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) validation. Both validation features mean less time and money wasted looking up the wrong business or vehicle.

Bulk processing options save you time, from bulk searching grantors or serial numbers with a single file to bulk downloading attachments and search certificates.

Interpret PPSR faster

Our intuitive interfaces allow you to focus on the right information by filtering and sorting key data from the excess, so that you can understand the security interest position quickly.

The IQ Connect visualisation tool lets you view PPSR grantor search results as a visual diagram, to help you search, interpret and communicate faster. It also allows you to:

  • Quickly retrieve, understand and communicate the PPSR picture across a single business or related entities in a group structure
  • Understand who the primary financier is in half the time with our AllPAAP Timeline feature and ANZSIC categorisation
  • Collate search results for multiple related entities in a single report, to support your internal record-keeping requirements. 

Features & Benefits

  • Accelerate your assessment of priority
    Assess priority in half the time using the AllPAAP Timeline.
  • Single or related entities’ PPSR position made clear
    Understand and communicate the PPSR picture across a single business or related entities in a group structure using visualisation.
  • Faster, more accurate results
    Multi-search, PPSR + ASIC bundles and filter and validation functionality help you get the information you need to make decisions quickly.
  • Bulk search saves time
    Bulk search many grantors or serial numbers to save time on larger jobs.