ReachTEL is your market research company and communications provider to help you accurately understand and reach out to your audience at a moment’s notice using automated technologies - at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Market research

We provide traditional market research solutions using unique, industry-leading automated systems capable of providing highly accurate results that are scalable. Our technology allows you to conduct nationwide polls or laser-focused research pieces without the lead time associated with traditional methodologies.

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Voice broadcast

A tailored, pre-recorded phone voice message for accurate, automated and unique marketing research, polling, customer surveys and customer service solutions with extremely quick and cost-effective results.

SMS broadcast

Do more with less thanks to SMS technology that helps efficiently connect you to your customers.

Number validation

Improve sales, fraud detection and collections results with this instant check on the connection status of any landline or mobile phone number.

Email broadcast

Reach out to your customers in a matter of minutes through personalised or bulk email marketing.

ReachTEL is a powerhouse of tools to supercharge marketing efforts, improve collections and establish business leadership.