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Avoid late paying customers & manage your cashflow

For $19.95, a SwiftCheck report gives you valuable insights into your customers, to help you get paid faster.

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Why do I need a credit report?

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  1. Find out if your customer is high risk

    A high risk business is more likely to fail than a low risk business. Check for warning signs upfront so you can safeguard your business from future risk.

  2. Negotiate payment terms

    When a company starts experiencing financial trouble, the first thing it will do is stop paying its suppliers. Check if a customer is paying their bills on time or late, and set the right payment terms.

  3. Know who you’re doing business with

    Checking a customer’s ABN or ACN is the bare minimum you should do to ensure the company exists. Also find out if they have defaults, disqualified directors or pending litigation to get a picture of their business activities.

  4. Get your information from a leading provider of credit information and analysis

    SwiftCheck reports are brought to you by Australia’s leading credit information and analysis provider, Equifax.

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Search for a business

Search one of Australia’s largest commercial databases, with information on 5 million businesses. Find your customer and buy a credit report for $19.95.