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Find your customers within Australia's largest database across 5 million businesses
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  1. Refine your search

    Not seeing the results you expected? If your search produces too many results or you can't find the one you're looking for, try using the ABN or ACN.

  2. Terms explained

    Not sure what some of the abbreviations in the search results table mean? Here are some explanations:

    Current registration status
    DRGD = deregistered
    REGD = registered
    N/A = status not available

    Organisation type
    P/L = Proprietary Limited, Pty Ltd
    N/A = information not available

  3. Sort columns

    You can sort each column in the search results table by ascending or descending order simply by clicking on the column heading.

  4. Tool tips

    Click the blue tooltip icon in the search results table headings to see more information about the information presented in that column.

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Search For a Business

Search one of Australia’s largest commercial databases, with information on 5 million businesses.
Find your customer and buy a credit report from $99.95