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The smart way for businesses to collect debt

Equifax Engage Plus handles the entire debt collections lifecycle on a single platform. It’s easy to use, scales to your needs and takes the hard work out of chasing unpaid invoices. Get paid faster by giving your customers a hassle-free way to get out of debt.
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Streamline the way you manage debt collection

From an online payment portal to branded customer communications, the hard work of collecting debt is done for you.

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Enjoy greater flexibility and control

Tailor client communications, performance reports, and payment plans to suit your needs. Automate as much or as little as you want.

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Protect your brand integrity with respectful collections

Use our pre-defined workflow and templates to collect in a compliant and ethical manner. Offer a quick and helpful service, with respectful multilingual chat support and flexible payment options.

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How it works

  • 1. Setup templates and workflows Apply your company branding to customer communications.

  • 2. Upload customer lists Drag and drop your overdue invoices. Bulk upload in seconds.

  • 3. Send communications automatically Engage customers with consistent and legally compliant communications. Use the digital channel they prefer.

  • 4. Connect with customers Make it easy for customers to receive support via voice, SMS, email, and multilingual chat with automatic translation.

  • 5. Get paid Maintain a respectful collections approach with customised payment plans and flexible, self-service options.

  • 6. Track results Use dashboard reporting to track and manage your debt portfolios with ease.

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