Received a collections email, SMS, letter or phone call from us?

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We're an Australian digital debt collection platform, helping you take small, manageable steps towards paying off your debt.
Take care of your account
We're here to help. If you have received an email, SMS, letter or phone call from us, you likely have an account with an Australian business that has gone overdue. Click here to take care of your account.

Debt collection that is flexible and fair

Australian businesses use the Equifax Engage Plus platform to recoup outstanding invoice payments from customers. Our platform facilitates businesses to implement processes and communications that are respectful and understanding of your circumstances.

Businesses use our platform to do collections the right way by working with you, not against you:

  • Affordable instalments

  • Personalised SMS/email reminders

  • Manage your account online 24/7

  • Secure, easy-to-use self-service portal

Payments & Account

How do I log in to the Equifax Engage Plus portal?

Follow the instructions provided in the email, letter, SMS or phone call regarding your overdue account. Online account access is available 24/7. Any issues, please contact the business you owe money to.

How do I pay my debt?

You will receive a communication from the business you owe money to via Equifax Engage Plus with a payment link. Click on the link to select your preferred payment method. Choose from:

  • One-off payment in full now or in the future via debit/credit card or direct debit
  • Negotiation via Equifax Engage Plus to set up a payment plan to pay off your account in weekly or fortnightly instalments
Can I pay my debt using a debit/credit card?

You sure can. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all accepted.

Do I need to pay the total amount upfront?

You don't have to. The business you owe money to will use Equifax Engage Plus to suggest an instalment amount, and you can keep paying off the debt over time if that's a better option for you.

I'm going through a rough time financially, so I'm not sure if I can pay?

We understand how hard it can be, so be sure to contact the business you owe money to regarding your situation. You should be able to find contact details in the communications you have received regarding your overdue account.

How do I know the current balance of my account?

That's easy. You can log into the Equifax Engage Plus portal 24/7 to see your account balance and previous payments.

What happens if I don't pay my account?

Ultimately, legal proceedings could be used by the business you owe money to as a way to recover an unpaid account. However, we recommend you contact the business you owe money to and find a solution before it gets to that stage.

I've already paid my account; why am I being contacted?

There may be a delay between your payment arriving and your account status updating. Let the business you owe money to know so they can check and update their records.


Is it secure for me to submit my personal and payment details through the Equifax Engage Plus website?

Absolutely. We are certified to the most internationally recognised quality management standard, ISO 9001, which mandates that we meet all legal and regulatory requirements for data security. Our additional ISO27001 certification ensures we take a best-practice approach to the security management of your personal and financial information. This includes securely encrypting all sensitive data at rest and during transmission. Your personal information will only be shared with the original credit provider who referred your account to Equifax Engage Plus.


Can I choose how I prefer to be contacted?

Yes. In the Equifax Engage Plus portal, you can choose between email, text messages, letter or phone call. You can even nominate the preferred time of day for being contacted.

What if I don't agree with the amount of debt or I am not the person listed?

You can raise a ‘dispute' in the Equifax Engage Plus portal. Your message gets sent to the business you owe money to for assessment. During this time, your account and any collection activity go on hold.

Credit Score

Will this debt affect my credit score?

The business you owe money to has the option to report an overdue debt to a credit reporting agency. A ‘default' can be applied to your credit file, but only if the debt is eligible (it must be equal to or more than $150 and due more than 60 days ago).

You will receive advance written notification if this is going to happen and given a chance to pay off your debt. If the default does go onto your credit file, it will remain there for five years or more and may negatively impact your credit score. Your credit score is important because it is used by credit providers, such as banks and other lenders. It helps them decide whether to lend you money, how much they will lend, and the terms and rates they will offer you.

How can I check my credit score?

Go to to order a free copy of your credit report. And click here for help with understanding how Equifax calculates its credit score.

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