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Unpaid Invoices

How do I receive customer payments?

Equifax Engage Plus integrates with your existing payment processing gateway. You nominate a bank account, and you're automatically set up to accept customer payments in real-time.

Flexible payment options to suit customer needs are offered, including instant payments, self-directed payment plans, credit card, debit card, direct debit and third-party integrations.

Does a customer payment ever fail?

There are occasions when payments don't make it through. Maybe the customer has insufficient funds in their account, or their banking details are incorrect. Whatever the reason, a failed payment notification from your customer's bank triggers Equifax Engage Plus to begin an unkept payment process. A message is automatically sent to your customer, asking them to re-attempt the payment or set up a new dollar value better aligned with their current financial position.

What happens if the customer ignores the communications and never pays?

Our automated workflow ensures customers keep getting reminders even when their payments wane. But no matter how great our platform is in optimising collections, there will always be customers who refuse to pay. When this happens, we have a range of escalation options up our sleeves. Please speak to our customer service team for help with managing chronic late payers.

What if a customer disputes the amount of the unpaid invoice?

We have a workflow that copes with this very situation. If a customer doesn't agree on the amount owing, they can raise a ‘dispute' in Equifax Engage Plus. You can communicate back to them through the platform. You can pause and resume collections to be supportive of your customer's financial circumstance.

Security & Compliance

Will my customer data be safe with Equifax Engage Plus?

Absolutely. Our platform is PCI DSS-compliant, so it's hosted on a secure network, with robust access control, strict information security, virus protection and regular monitoring.

We are certified to the most internationally recognised quality management standard, ISO 9001, which mandates that we meet all legal and regulatory requirements for data security. Our additional ISO27001 certification ensures we follow best-practice for managing the security of financial information, customer details and any information entrusted by third parties. All sensitive information is securely encrypted both at rest and during transmission.

100% Australian-owned, located and staffed, our data sovereignty ensures your customer's data will be protected and kept onshore. All customer data is held in Microsoft Azure cloud databases with Transparent Data Encryption to ensure encryption at rest and SSL during data transmission.

How do I know the messages I send my customers using Equifax Engage Plus use the correct legal wording?

We have pre-approved communications templates ready to go that you can send your customers. The wording used in these templates complies with Commonwealth consumer protection and debt collection laws. If you wish to alter these templates, our customer service team can help provide advice about what you should or shouldn't write.


Is API functionality available?

Yes, full two-way API functionality is available.

What type of reports do you have?

You can use a report from our report library or drill down into the metrics displayed on your dashboard for more specific information. Perhaps you want to see daily accounts receivable? Or identify which customers are not opening their payment reminders? If you can't find what you're looking for in a standard report, you can tailor-make one to your specific needs.

What makes Equifax Engage Plus different from other digital debt collection solutions?

Equifax Engage Plus is very unusual (in a good way!) because we handle the complete debt collection lifecycle. How does that benefit you? Because you won't have to chop and change your debt collection strategy or outsource to agencies at different stages in the cycle. You can build a 365-day workflow, starting with the first 30 days of delinquency and ending when the debt is paid, placed or written off.

All workflow and communication templates from start to finish are designed to adhere to legislative requirements. You won't ever have to worry about breaching consumer protection or debt collection conduct laws.

Is there a maximum number of unpaid invoices I can submit for collection?

No. Equifax Engage Plus can handle an unlimited number of active accounts.

How long does the collections process take?

This all depends on the status of the debt. Newer debts typically recover faster than older debts, but this isn't always the case. With Equifax Engage Plus, you can see how your accounts receivables are tracking every day the entire way through the collections lifecycle. We work with customers to adjust payment plans and create a positive, empathetic experience to help them find a way out of their debt.

Using Equifax Engage Plus

How much does it cost to use Equifax Engage Plus?

Get in touch with our team, and we'll give you an exact quote.

What type of business uses Equifax Engage Plus?

Any business that has a medium-to-large consumer base and is looking to improve their collections process. Our clients include companies with a couple of hundred customers, through to government departments and major corporations with extensive customer databases.

How do I signup?

Get in touch with our team to let us know you're keen, and we'll work with you to open an account. As soon as you receive an email confirmation that your account is activated, you can log in to the portal.

How do I move customer files to Equifax Engage Plus?

It's easy to move your files to Equifax Engage Plus. You can do it by:

  • uploading .CSV files directly into the Equifax Engage Plus platform
  • using super-fast API.
How do I return an account from Equifax Engage Plus?

Sometimes you might need to return an individual Equifax Engage Plus account, such as if a customer pays independently of the Equifax Engage Plus platform. You can do so via the ‘return account' function from the account summary screen. Use the search function under the accounts tab to locate the customer account that you need to action. Accounts are automatically returned from Equifax Engage Plus once they reach the ‘return to client' action date within the workflow.

If you require an ad-hoc return of multiple accounts, please email a list of the accounts needed with unique reference number to our team.

Can I use my company logo and colours in customer messaging?

Can you ever! Add your company logo and brand colours to any of the email and SMS messages sent to customers through Equifax Engage Plus.

Can I review my customer's payment history?

Yes. You can look up individual customer accounts to find out information like payments made and date paid. You can also see payment schedules and account information.

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