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All the features of Equifax Engage Plus support ease of use, compliance and respectful collections

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Manage your collections from a central place with a platform designed to bring efficiency, automation and empathy to the process of chasing bad debt. Give your business the ability to collect debts of all sizes at every stage of the credit lifecycle. With complete visibility of all overdue accounts, you can see which is and isn’t paid at a glance.
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    Instant payment

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    Scalable solution

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    Direct mail

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    Live multilingual chat

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    API integration

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    Company branding

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    Voice and digital comms

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    Personalised payment plans

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    Daily reporting

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    AI-driven payment negotiation

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    Customer self-service portal

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    Customisable templates

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    Automated campaign workflow

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    Public holiday exclusion

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    Trust-account processing

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    Multi-user access

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    Unlimited accounts past due each month

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    Payment gateway integration

Elevate the customer experience

Make it easy for customers to resolve their debts by interacting with them on the channel they prefer. Offer a full range of flexible payment options, with payments deposited directly into your bank account in real-time. The dashboard and reporting function keeps you in the loop throughout the process, from the first 30 days to the debt’s resolution.

Respectful payment negotiation

Implement an affordable payment solution that your customers will commit to, using artificial intelligence to negotiate on your behalf. Equifax Engage Plus' AI-driven negotiation is human-free and hassle-free. It responsively calculates payment plans that are realistic, fair, and more likely to be repaid. You can define the bounds of the plans in advance, including the option to pause and resume collections to support your customer's financial position.

  • AI-driven payment negotiation

  • Respectful collections framework

  • Integrated instant payment gateway

  • Self-service payment

  • Accepts credit cards, debit cards, direct debit and third-party integrations

  • Multi-channel communications

Reach customers in the way they prefer

With five communication channels to choose from: SMS, Email, Voice, Webchat and Direct Mail, your customers can interact with you in a way that works best for them. Equifax Engage Plus learns your customers’ preferences over time and switches to sending communications out on the contact channel that gets the most engagement, and at the best time. Inbound and outbound conversations via chat are translated in real-time in 40+ global languages. Consumer-friendly, pre-approved communication templates provide legal compliance and consistency, with the option to fully customise with your company’s branding and messaging.

intelligent engagement
Multi-channel collections

With intelligent engagement and multi-channel support, your customers will know you're doing everything you can to be helpful and understanding.

  • Live Chat:Improve the support experience for customers by connecting with them in real-time. Your agents can see the customer’s profile and conversation history.

  • SMS: Reach your customers in real-time with text messages. Include SMS in your communication toolset to create a sense of urgency and inspire immediate action.

  • Voice: Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to streamline your collections process and make it easy for customers to reach you.

  • Email: Maximise the impact of your digital communications with our range of pre-approved template emails. Choose to personalise with tailor-made content.

  • Direct mail: Choose single or double-sided, black and white or colour printed direct mail. Flexible templates to suit your needs.

  • Customer focussed pre-approved templates

  • Add company logo and brand colours

  • Tailor messaging to different customer segments

  • Multiple product branding

  • Multilingual chat support

Save time with automated workflows

Bring efficiency and automation to your full collections lifecycle from initial late payment reminders sent digitally through to later-stage notices via DM. Manage your entire years' worth of overdue accounts in one place and see exactly how your customers are progressing with their debt payments. Track engagement to see which collections methods and channels work best.

Select your late payment communication templates and set up a workflow in just a few clicks. Then auto-schedule which days to send invoice reminders out. Upload your overdue accounts and let Equifax Engage Plus follow up with clients on the channel of preference. Customers are automatically removed as soon as their bad debt is paid off.

  • 365-day workflow

  • Automate full collections lifecycle

  • Unlimited number of templates and workflows

  • Easily scale account volume to fit any business size

  • Supports multiple users

  • Instant updates when an account is paid in full

Stay informed with ready-made, bespoke reports

See exactly how well your customers are paying off their debt. From a user-friendly dashboard, daily auto-generated reports and a customer search function keeps you on top of account activity as it happens. All the information is in one place, at your fingertips – from total debt collected each day to the number of customers who have opened your messages. Your team can access and edit customer accounts as required: which means less back-and-forth administration.

  • Built-in and custom reports

  • Auto-generated insights

  • Agent account access

  • Customer account search

  • Report filtering options

Reduce risk with security and compliance

Compliant from the ground-up, Equifax Engage Plus has been built to quickly and securely implement changes to debt collection laws and regulations. Communicate with your customers using pre-written templates that adhere to compliance guidelines and are vetted for updates. With built-in compliance checkers, it’s easy to be sure you continually maintain high standards in delivering a reliable, consistent collections experience.

  • Pre-approved compliant content

  • PCI DSS compliant for secure online payments and automated processing

  • End-to-end data encryption and 2-step customer validation

  • Rigorous online storage and backup protocols

Keep it simple with seamless integration

Get started with an onboarding solution to suit your business. No matter what your existing software and debt management processes, Equifax Engage Plus provides a smooth and flexible way to get your collections up and running quickly. With API functionality, you don’t even have to leave your existing platform. Upload customer accounts in bulk and immediately start engaging with your customers to resolve your bad debt accounts.

  • API integration

  • Connect with your favourite apps

  • Flexible onboarding solutions for businesses of all sizes

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