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Smart digital collection at scale

Managing debt at scale has a unique set of challenges. Large organisations can find it difficult to align their collections services with their business goals.
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While increasing profitability, achieving regulatory compliance and improving the customer experience is a priority for most organisations, these goals are not always reflected in collections activities.

With Equifax Engage Plus, you can enjoy all the benefits of smart digital debt collection – in a way that perfectly suits your business operations and goals. Automate your debt collection process at scale with highly customised system architecture. AI-driven payment negotiation, multilingual chat support and a choice of digital communication channels drive recovery rates and ensures a positive customer experience.

Digital workflow tools for consistent, compliant interactions across multiple accounts and channels. Easy to read reports and detailed analytics for smarter organisation-wide decisions about credit control and collections.

You can determine the pre-defined bounds and pause or resume collections according to your customer's financial circumstance.

Choose a better way to scale your debt collection.

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“In its first six weeks of operation, more than 30,000 customers used the new [Equifax Engage Plus] payment portal. More than 9,000 debts have been closed out, and payments worth $2.25 million have been made already. This is an increase of 44% compared to the same period last year.” a large government department