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The Equifax eCredential clinical credentialing solution is a secure, sophisticated online solution that improves efficiency and reduces administrative work by streamlining end-to-end credentialing processes. It provides health practitioners and staff with a self-manageable centralised clinical profile which can be shared with hospitals and other health service providers.
Equifax eCredential has been widely adopted by the Australian Health sector and is rapidly becoming Industry Standard in Australian HealthCare. Contact us today for an obligation free Equifax eCredential clinical credentialing solution demonstration
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Clinical Credentialing Made Easy

Build and manage a flexible and comprehensive scope of clinical practice library and assign procedures to individual clinicians. Once assigned, clinician status reports provide a complete overview of the clinician's current scope, status and identity. There is also the ability for the Hospital/Health Service to log supervision and restrictions against the whole scope or specific procedure to ensure strict compliance.

Clinical Governance

Equifax eCredential provides a flexible yet fully auditable, workflow driven credentialing process that assists in maintaining strict governance over all Health Practitioners. The product has been designed to satisfy all State Government information requirements.

Patient Safety

All information submitted by the clinician can be reviewed and verified allowing credentialing committee members to allocate scope with all relevant information available. Data used to influence a decision regarding a clinician's status within the Health Service is tracked and visible.

Email Alerts are sent on expired registrations, suspensions, terminations or contracts. Clinical managers can quickly establish identity of a clinician with a photo and check scope of clinical practice relevant to attending clinicians.

Clinician Centric

Clinicians can create and maintain their own "clinical profile" including qualifications, employment history and training via a secure online interface. The clinician only needs to complete their profile once and can keep it up to date easily so there is no last minute rush for information.

The system maintains privacy at all times as clinicians can choose to share their profile with a Hospital or Health Service.


Use eCredential to maintain a fully searchable and up to date database that includes contact details, addresses, history of communication, invitations to events and much more. With eCredential's on the fly document generator, create any type of document within seconds such as contracts of employment, welcome letters, statement of service, statutory declarations and so on.

Improve Efficiency

With the ability to apply actions and tasks in bulk rather than individually and a user based task management system, say goodbye to repeating the same steps multiple times.

Track the entire credentialing process from a central dashboard with a fully configurable workflow.

Simple to Use

There's no further need for paper-based processes; access all required data with an intuitive web based platform designed for all levels of IT literacy. Fully flexible, customisable and secure role based user access. Health services have the ability to assist a clinician with their profile, and/or submission of required documents (with approval from the clinician).

Comprehensive Reporting

A sophisticated reporting suite is included that allows for detailed reports based on any field of data. Pull up a list of clinicians that require re-credentialing, that need to renew their AHPRA registration, radiation licence or insurance, or even export a complete list of clinicians credentialed within a given time period. Report by unit, department, hospital or entire Health Service level.

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