Unreliable cash flow can be prevented for SMEs

Cash flow has always been an issue for small and medium businesses (SMEs), who are faced with the harsh reality of needing to pay invoices quickly, while larger businesses’ repayment rates are significantly slower – 1.5 times on average.

Trends in insolvencies - Businesses don't fail overnight

It seems like every time someone opens a newspaper there’s another story about a company becoming insolvent without warning. While these headlines certainly sound exciting, the truth is, businesses simply don’t fail overnight. And with the number of insolvencies growing across Australia, knowing how to spot the signs and safeguard your business is more important than ever.

The dangers of trading with one key customer

You’ve landed one hero client with enough work to keep you busy all day every day. It’s all you’ve ever wanted and now business is secure, right? Well, not quite…

We explain the real-life results that can befall a business when it doesn’t spread its risk, and explain the practical steps you can take to become less exposed. 

Just how credible is a credit report?

Credit reports can serve as valuable tools to help inform and protect small businesses. But in order to make data-driven decisions, it helps to first deconstruct how the information is derived, and understand how numerous, far-reaching and trustworthy its data sources are.