3 ways to predict a company is in trouble

The financial failure of any company can have a ripple effect on its customers and supply chain. It’s a troubling prospect for vulnerable small businesses to consider, but it rarely happens without warning. Referencing a real-life example, we share our insights so you too can accurately look for signs of business distress.

Get your invoices paid faster (without damaging your relationships)

Cash flow is king, especially in smaller businesses that have less financial tolerance for delay. You've worked hard and you want your money, so how do you keep your invoices in line without compromising your hard-earned relationships?

Steps you can take when a business stops paying

5 steps you can take when a business stops paying

We all know a hard day’s work deserves good pay but, sadly, things are not always that simple. So what can you actually do when a business stops paying?

Become a business that adjusts according to risk

Businesses rely on customers being able to pay their money, when it’s due. So how can you understand all the risks, and make the changes to strengthen your business?