Your contact database is out of date, so what?

Keep your client database up to date

It could be argued that the client database is the most important internal list in a business. As the best way to find information about past and current clients, it is the go-to option for following up new leads and hopefully creating repeat business.

However, one of the true issues with these types of databases is that it can easily become out of date. If this becomes the case, the business may struggle with targeting new clients and be unable to continue engaging with their current customers.

Customers may even become frustrated due the lack of personalisation or segmentation in a marketing campaign. If a business is not engaging with customers on a personal level, engagement levels can fall and clients will begin to look elsewhere.

What are the benefits of operating an up-to-date client database?

Businesses rely on quality client information and data to make marketing decisions. This information will usually come from customer feedback and buying patterns, but an up-to-date database will often hold the answers.

According to website design and print business network Snap Australia, databases can provide a lot of interesting information including client demographics, client preferences and preferred contact methods.

As such, it is possible to track and report trends and develop various marketing campaigns that will suit your client group. A well maintained database should also include how clients got in contact with your business - perfect for tailoring marketing projects to search for new customers.

How to maintain an updated client database?

While it might seem easy to maintain a client database, if your business doesn't put the effort in, the results can be catastrophic. Snap Australia provided some helpful insights into how this can be achieved.

Firstly, businesses need to work out what type of information and data is required and ensure that this collected and placed onto the database. From this point, it is important to maintain, update, check these as often as possible and make sure the database is backed up in case of emergency.

Snap Australia also suggested that clients should be offered the chance to update records on their own accord. By providing surveys and questionnaires, your business customers might be more willing to provide extra information or data that can be used for marketing purposes. 

However, the best way to ensure your database is working up to standard is by working with a trusted business such as Equifax. Equifax can conduct database audits and help ensure that your company is collecting and has access to the right information to ensure growth.

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