Equifax Landscape

A rich picture of Australia’s changing population

Designed for marketing use, Landscape comes with detailed segment profiles that clearly articulate the distinct media preferences, buyer behaviours, attitudes and demographics of each consumer group.

Landscape is a valuable tool to guide customer and prospect audience segmentation and define the best message and media channel to reach a particular audience.

Using Landscape to profile and understand your customer base helps you to boost marketing return on investment in three ways:

  1. Right offer
  2. Right message
  3. Right channel

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Unique inputs

Landscape draws on a wide range of public and proprietary data sources including:

  • 2011 census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, providing insights into life stage, family structure, education, occupation, household income and wealth characteristics across Australia
  • Motor vehicle census figures from Australian Bureau of Statistics, highlighting vehicle ownership patterns across the country
  • Rich financial demand and risk trend data aggregated from historic Equifax data – the largest single source of consumer credit information in Australia
  • Attitudes, activities, consumption behaviour, life stage and socio-economics provided by Nielsen’s Consumer and Media View Survey

As well as this wide range of inputs to the segmentation, our partnership with Nielsen means that Landscape profiles are updated with fresh behavioural and attitudinal information every quarter.

This ensures your marketing segmentation leverages the latest information about target consumers.

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