Customer Analysis Helps Build Brands

This Australian telecommunications company wanted a clear picture of who their commercial customers were, with the objective of gaining a firm factual understanding of their target market to help improve customer reach and business growth.  Find out how they achieved it.

The Background

An Australian telecommunications company wanted to establish a more refined view of its commercial customers. By understanding the characteristics of the 170k companies that interacted with their brand, they hoped to define a clear target market.

For this two-phase project, Equifax Marketing Services was engaged to help with customer analysis. This included identifying the size and viability of different commercial segments, which would help to substantiate the telco’s annual business roadmap.

The Objectives

  1. Identify: customer trends and attributes
  2. Determine: the size of the potential target market
  3. Find: untapped profitable market segments

The Solution

For phase one of the project, Equifax performed a data append to cleanse, enrich and consolidate the telco’s commercial customer database. ANZSIC industry codes were added to gain a deeper understanding of which industries customers belonged to, and which industries were over or under-represented

For phase two, the telco’s customer data was matched and profiled against Equifax’s Australian commercial population data sets. This enabled the sorting and segmentation of data by variables like revenue, number of employees, time in business, location and entity type. Which, in turn, narrowed the focus as to what characteristics make up a desirable target market, and which market segments were valuable to their business.

The Results

Here's a sample of insights uncovered about the telco's commercial customers:

  • 28 times more likely to be an Australian Public Company
  • 18 times more liely to be in mining
  • 8 times more likely to be in business over 20 years.

With a firm, factual understanding of who they are doing business with, the telco is now able to better serve their customers. They can also target new prospective customers who match the high-value profiles within their database. Ultimately, the project provided the telco with the information they needed to customise messaging to a desirable target market and build on their brand.

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