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4th Feb 2020
ROI of 766% in Six Months Driven by SEO

The specialist travel company, Chimu Adventures, wanted to understand the value of their online marketing activity on offline sales.

Their customer journey was fragmented across data silos, restricting their ability to track the user as they moved from online to offline. When a tour was booked on the phone or via an agent, there was no understanding or proper visibility as to which marketing channel had driven the sale.

12th Dec 2019
Top Reasons People Are Switching Banks

Do you really understand why credit customers choose one brand over another? Switching decisions are challenging to predict and can vary according to customer age and product type.

The Equifax Australian Consumer Credit Pulse 2019 report reveals surprising trends that will be of interest to marketers looking to target financial services customers.

Customer Analysis Build Brand
25th Nov 2019
Customer Analysis Helps Build Brands

This Australian telecommunications company wanted a clear picture of who their commercial customers were, with the objective of gaining a firm factual understanding of their target market to help improve customer reach and business growth.  Find out how they achieved it.

Millennial lending opportunities
19th Nov 2019
What To Know About Millennial Lending Opportunities

Ashleigh is a typical credit-active, low-risk millennial. Loosely defined as the generation born between 1981 to 1996, this segment of potential borrowers presents significant opportunities for credit providers. Understanding the common characteristics of millennials is critical if lenders want to engage with, and successfully target products at this prime customer group. 

UTM Parameters and the value they bring
28th Aug 2019
UTM Parameters and Channel Groupings: How they benefit marketers

If you want a more coherent understanding of how visitors interact with your website, be sure to make use of Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters and channel groupings in Google Analytics. These advanced tracking and grouping options provide useful insights into the traffic and value generated from your marketing campaigns. 

4th Aug 2019
Australian Consumer Credit Behaviour Revealed
The Australian Consumer Credit Pulse 2019 report provides insights into who is in market, what type of credit they are looking for and what they are seeking in a lender.
4th Aug 2019
Google Marketing Platform Transforms Digital Engagement

Datalicious helped Scentre Group deliver valuable insights so they could offer their customers a seamless digital experience, boost engagement with appealing content, and build a positive brand experience.

18th Jul 2019
What It Means to Be A Business Scientist with Influence

From academia to Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Kari Mastropasqua from Equifax tells us why being a skilled communicator is vital for technical professionals.

24th May 2019
How much do you really know about your customers?

Understanding who your customers are and the way they engage with your business requires big picture thinking and a greater focus on data management.

2nd May 2019
A powerful integration: Analytics 360 + Salesforce

Many solutions provide better customer journey analysis and insights; but none offer the same opportunities brought by integrating Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce.