Information has always been the advantage.  It’s how you use it, that makes the difference.

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What It Means to Be A Business Scientist with Influence

From academia to Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Kari Mastropasqua from Equifax tells us why being a skilled communicator is vital for technical professionals.

How much do you really know about your customers?

Understanding who your customers are and the way they engage with your business requires big picture thinking and a greater focus on data management.

A powerful integration: Analytics 360 + Salesforce

Many solutions provide better customer journey analysis and insights; but none offer the same opportunities brought by integrating Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce.

How Open Colleges Improves their Acquisition Strategy using Data Analytics & Technology

Data and analytics are shaping the way businesses in the education sector make decisions to enhance their marketing strategies, as well as boost student academic performance.

8 steps toward sales growth using market segmentation

These best practice steps for data driven segmentation will help make sure even small projects can transform entire companies on the road to bigger market share.