ROI of 766% in Six Months Driven by SEO

The specialist travel company, Chimu Adventures, wanted to understand the value of their online marketing activity on offline sales.

Their customer journey was fragmented across data silos, restricting their ability to track the user as they moved from online to offline. When a tour was booked on the phone or via an agent, there was no understanding or proper visibility as to which marketing channel had driven the sale.

For this first phase of the project, our Datalicious team was engaged to uncover which marketing channels were most effective at bringing in high-quality prospects who later converted offline and booked a tour.


  1. Deliver a complete view of the customer journey
  2. Measure the impact of digital marketing activity on offline sales
  3. Optimise future media spend.


To gain a full understanding of the customer journey, Datalicious stitched Chimu’s online and offline data sets together using Google Cloud’s BigQuery. Our data engineering, web analytics and consulting capabilities provided Chimu Adventures with a Google Cloud summary table of the combined data. There was clear visibility as to which users who browsed online, completed an enquiry and later converted.

By analysing Chimu's Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) data, we were able to attribute the channels which brought in the highest number of leads as well as resulted in actual sales.


The real impact of each marketing channel on driving traffic and revenue is now understood. With our data integration, Chimu Adventures can benefit from a complete view of the online to offline customer journey. They are well-positioned to optimise future media spend and make budget allocations according to which channels resulted in the most tour bookings.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search were identified as vital channels. For both, revenue was shown to outweigh cost, with a Return on Investment (ROI) inflation of 49% from paid search and 766% from organic over six-months. The significance of SEO and content as a highly effective, low-cost strategy for driving marketing success was a valuable insight, leading to likely investment.

We continue working with Chimu Adventures, with phase two of the project focused on stitching email and phone tracking data to better understand lead generation. In phase three, these disparate data sets will be centralised in a dashboard for easy information sharing and collaboration.

To find out more, or for help to drive your digital marketing strategy further, contact Datalicious.

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