EFX: Why did you decide to get assessed for an iCIRT-rating, particularly as it has predominately been builders and developers who have sought to get rated?

Khoury: The idea started while attending a presentation by the NSW Building Commissioner, who spoke about the inception of a blockchain-based platform that will store data about buildings to assist third parties like insurers and investors. Because this data will include what iCIRT star-rating the business has achieved, we realised how vital it was to get our business assessed for a rating and listed on the iCIRT Builder Register.

We knew a good rating based on an independent, evidence-based assessment would give confidence to insurance companies and buyers of BDAI-designed apartments.

EFX: You achieved a 3½ -star iCIRT-rating. Why do you think you were able to accomplish this rating?

Khoury: It was a remarkably robust process that considered many different factors. While there’s no single reason for our top rating, it helped that we already had ISO quality standards, such as ISO 9001 management system certification and ISO 14001 for environmental management. We also decided a few years back to work with reputable developers and builders, companies with whom we can achieve a high level of synergy and collaboration.

Our track record speaks for itself - over time, we’ve consistently delivered quality outcomes across a diverse portfolio, including hospitality, residential, senior living, and design management. This is in part due to our success in attracting and retaining top talent. We have very experienced personnel with expertise across multiple sectors.

EFX: Do you hope other consultancies will get rated too?

Khoury: Absolutely, we hope other companies will follow in our wake. After all, one hand cannot clap; everyone has a role in lifting quality and public confidence. We’ve had a great reaction from the industry since announcing our 3 ½ -star rating, with other consultants expressing their willingness to start the iCIRT assessment process.

As more companies get rated, more consumers will be able to make informed decisions about their builds without fear of unforeseen obstacles derailing their projects.

EFX: Do you choose to work with iCIRT-rated builders/developers, and do they decide to work with you because you’re rated?

Khoury: Yes, this conversation is starting to become very common within the industry. The feedback we have received is that when developers have a choice, they will go with a consultant from the iCIRT Builder Register [building professionals on the register have a 3-star iCIRT-rating or higher]. I suspect this will become a norm once more consultants are in the pool.

EFX: What are some of the dodgy practices that you hope iCIRT-ratings will eradicate?

Khoury: For building professionals to maintain a high iCIRT-rating, cutting corners will no longer be an option. And developers and builders won’t be able to embark on any project that they can’t service financially.

Danny Khoury, BDAI

Dany Khoury, the Director of Design Management of the architectural and interior design studio BDAI

Check out the iCIRT website to learn how to become an iCIRT-rated building professional and be listed on the iCIRT Builder Register. iCIRT-ratings are available to rate home builders, property developers and other building professionals like surveyors, certifiers, designers, architects, engineers, project and development managers.

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