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2nd Dec 2019
After a Cyber Attack - Who to Notify and When?

In the turmoil that ensues from a data breach, a necessary decision is what to do about notifying customers. The Federal Government’s Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme makes it clear that businesses have the responsibility to protect their customers in the aftermath of a cyberattack.

7 ways to prevent cybercrime in property transactions
25th Nov 2019
7 Ways to Better Prevent Cyber Crime in Property Transactions

Where there’s money up for grabs, there’s the possibility of crime, and the property market is no exception. The vast sums of money associated with home sales make the conveyancing industry an ideal hunting ground for cybercriminals. With numerous fraud opportunities available pre-sale and post-sale, fraudsters are using increasingly sophisticated methods to intercept property fund payments, steal identities, forge documents and attack computer systems.

PPSR Expiry and Renewals
25th Nov 2019
How to Deal with PPSR Expiry and Renewals - 6 Important Lessons

Since late 2018, many businesses have undertaken the complex process of renewing their security interests on the PPSR. As the majority of original registrations were for seven years, many have been up for expiry since the seven-year anniversary on 30 January 2019.

The ramifications are serious if a registration lapses due to non-renewal. A lapsed registration cannot be restored. It will simply disappear, never to be seen again. If you don’t have a warning system that notifies you of approaching expiries, you may not even be aware that it has gone. 

8 answers to the most popular open data questions
19th Nov 2019
8 Answers to the Most Popular Open Data Questions

Open Data was a hot topic at the Equifax global SPARK conference, held in Sydney on 10 September 2019. With consumer, account and transaction data due to become available from February 2020, there's much interest in the implementation of the Consumer Data Right in Australia.

Here are the top eight questions put to a leaders' panel that included Fred Schebesta of Finder, Damir Cuca of Basiq, Kari Mastropasqua of Equifax, James Bligh of Data 61 and Alex Ortner of Allens.

12th Nov 2019
Rise in Construction Defaults Shows Early Signs of Moderation
But construction industry insolvencies continue to increase on an annual basis, jumping to 24% for the September 2019 quarter.

The latest statistics1 by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) reveal that the construction industry is a leading contributor to Australia’s rising rate of company defaults2 (EXADs). The impact of failed construction companies is especially noticeable in the eastern seaboard, where insolvencies increased in Victoria by 78%, Queensland by 41% and NSW by 7% for the September 2019 quarter (QoQ).

Lessons learned about Open Banking in the UK
11th Nov 2019
The Most Important Lessons Learned About Open Banking in the UK

It’s famously said ‘experience is the teacher of all things’, so where better to turn to for open banking lessons than the UK. With open-banking regulations in force since early 2018, much can be drawn from the British financial services sector’s experience.

The arrival of open banking and the value of data processing makes collaboration within and among businesses more crucial than ever.
31st Oct 2019
Facilitating Deeper and More Powerful Collaboration

As ever-increasing volumes of data become available, organisations realise the importance of looking beyond their own data assets. By accessing new external data sets, businesses can benefit from a more in-depth view of their customers and the opportunity to build a rich catalogue of shared information and insights.

Open Data in 2020 - From Day 1 to Year 1
30th Oct 2019
Open Data in 2020

From February 2020, Australia's new data-driven environment will change banking as we know it. The Consumer Data Right (CDR) has been legislated by the Government to give Australians greater control over their data.

23rd Oct 2019
Powering Smarter Decisions for Australia's SMEs

Smart decisions take many forms, but the best ones are usually those based on accurate and reliable analytics. The development of an Equifax solution for improving the accuracy and coverage of ANZSIC codes has improved the ability of SMEs to make decisions that can help increase profits and mitigate risk.

21st Oct 2019
The Bias Creep

Test for bias in your artificial intelligence. Then learn how to work towards the fairest outcome for your customers.