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Step up your digital duty of care and help your employees share their personal information
more securely with third parties looking to verify their employment income

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What is Verification Exchange for Employers?

This is a fee free service for employers that brings efficiency and data security to the employment income verification process. No more need for you or your employees to share sensitive employment income information with third parties insecurely or manually. Verification Exchange enables your employees' income information to be shared with third parties digitally with their consent. The use of best practice data management technology protects against fraud and unauthorised access.

How it works

Provide your verification of an employee’s employment income in a few quick and easy steps

The Employer’s Guide to Sharing Employee Income Information Securely

The Employer’s Guide to Sharing Employee Income Information Securely includes:

  • Learn why the self-serving and emailing of personally identifiable information (PII) is a risky practice that belongs in the past
  • Understand what can go wrong when sensitive data gets into the wrong hands
  • Find out how to elevate your digital duty of care as an employer
  • See how to mitigate risk with Equifax Verification Exchange®
  • And more!

Value for You as an Employer

Our digital platform eliminates the need for you as an employer to respond to requests from employees or third parties to share confidential employment-related information insecurely, thereby not only reducing your administrative overhead, but ensuring this information is only shared securely. By enabling this service for your employees, you help them live their financial best by providing a much more secure and faster way for their employment information to be shared, enabling speedier decisions and reducing the risk of their personal information being disclosed inadvertently.

Verification Exchange® by Equifax: A better way to perform a vital business-as-usual function


A triple winner at the Australian Business Awards 2022, this new model for employment income verification is reshaping the way employee data is shared with third parties. Verification Exchange has removed the need for printed payslips to be the accepted solution for verifying employment income in Australia.

ABA100 2022 Winner for HR Innovation, New Product Innovation and Process Innovation.


Frequently Asked Questions

No one has access to your employee’s information without the employee giving consent. All Verifier organisations are screened and checked (credentialled) before being allowed to access the Verification Exchange. All Verifiers must get the employee’s permission to access their data. When the employment income data is accessed, a record of access, a copy of the data provided and the purpose is logged. We hold that record for an appropriate period as permitteds by the Privacy Act, and not longer than 2 years (subject to any other specific legal requirements).

If an employee would like a copy of their personal information held by us through the Verification Exchange, they can contact us. We can provide a copy of that to the employee within a reasonable period after their request is made, and usually within 30 days.

Yes. When there is a data dispute employees can temporarily block their individual information by contacting the Verification Exchange. Typically this may be done for reasons such as data errors and the records are blocked until the dispute is resolved.

Only a Verifier your employee has authorised can access their employment income information, so your employee will know who has accessed it. An employee can also call the Verification Exchange and request a copy of all their personal information held by us in Verification Exchange.

Employers are, of course, aware of the data they have contributed and updated to Verification Exchange. Once held, the Verification Exchange data can only be viewed with the consent of the relevant employee, so employers cannot see the data there. The Verification Exchange holds historical employment income data for up to 3 years in respect of an employee.

Employers can update data contributed to the Verification Exchange. If an employee considers their information is wrong, they can contact the Verification Exchange support team at or 1300 598 889, provide the required identification information to pass our security checks, and ask us to check the information provided.

Once we have verified their identity, we can raise a 'data dispute' and check the accuracy of the data we have supplied to the Verifier against the records supplied by you or on your behalf. We will automatically block those records during a 'data dispute' period. If the individual still feels employer’s information is inaccurate, then they will take that up directly with you without divulging any further information to us.

Equifax applies its full efforts to protect the data of our customers and their employees. Prior to obtaining access to employee data, customers of the Verification Exchange (Verifiers) must be credentialed, establishing their legitimate need to access the data. Access to employee data is granted according to processes and technologies that ensure employee consent. Key technologies such as encryption and access management are applied throughout the process of an employer providing data to Equifax, our reposing it, and customers accessing it. Security has been a top-down mandate, with more than $1.5 billion spent on Tech and Security transformation since 2018, incremental to our $1 billion Tech and Security annual run rate. Every employee participates in annual security training and monthly security testing to keep their skills sharp. Equifax maintains ISO 27001 certification covering our Australian businesses, including Verification Exchange. SOC2 Type 2 coverage includes Workforce Solutions and our Australian credit bureau; Verification Exchange inherits most of its controls from these entities, although the Verification Exchange maintains its own specific SOC2 coverage.

If you need to contact us, please email or call 1300 598 889.

You need to inform the 3rd party verifier to contact the Verification Exchange support team at or 1300 598 889.

We are able to offer a quality service to employees and their third party (financial) service providers, as the Verification Exchange is linked directly to your employees' payroll data.  Equifax does not alter or correct information. This remains in the control of the employer. If an employee contends the accuracy of the data, Equifax is able to block the record for any verification and refer the employee back to the employer to resolve any errors.

We only use personal information in the data for the limited purposes of delivering the Verification Exchange services as set out in our Terms of use and Collection Statement

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