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ID theft is not just a big business concern.

65 percent of Australians are worried that companies will leak their personal information. That’s no surprise given that 2014/15 saw the highest ever recorded data breaches in Australia. Now more than one in four Australians have experienced some form of identity crime.*

Greater steps need to be taken to not just ease staff and customers’ justified concerns about identity theft by also protect companies bottom lines and reputation against the worrying increase in cybercrime.

In a recent case a company whose employee system was breached received reports from over 20% of their employees that they had false tax returns filed in their name with funds being placed into a bank account unknown to them. In one case the tax return was valued at $38,000.*

*Source: Veda Cybercrime and Fraud Report 2015, Veda, November 2015

Identity Watch; your frontline defence against cybercrime

Identity Watch monitors the online forums where stolen data is traded, alerting your staff if the personal details of your staff or their company details are compromised and can help you secure your information again.

This offers you the power to:

  • Guard against financial loss

    Losing valuable data can significantly tarnish market confidence. Identity Watch will notify your staff if information they choose to monitor has been compromised (like email addresses and company credit card numbers) so they can act quickly to restore confidence.

  • Protect your business’ reputation

    Identity Watch alerts you before damage is done. In the event of a data breach, acting quickly to provide impacted individuals with credit monitoring and identity protection can help retain trust in the brand and allow the individuals to take action to protect themselves from further harm. This type of action is often applauded by the privacy and security community and even more so by customers.

  • Give your customers and staff peace of mind

    Identity Watch is a company asset which should be promoted, given that most Australian’s are worried about identity theft. Corporate subscribers to Identity Watch may wish to include Identity Watch in offers to employees, customers, or to enrich the security measures.

  • Recovery

    Not knowing what has become of the stolen data is a concern. Continued monitoring and alerts help you stay on the front foot to flag ongoing issues.

  • What's monitored?
    • Bank and credit cards
    • Email addresses
    • Phone numbers (personal, work, home)
    • Passports
    • Medicare card and drivers licence
    • eBay and PayPal logins