Data Management

Equifax's Data Management services

The foundation of successful marketing

Data accuracy is a pillar of any successful marketing strategy.

The success of all downstream actions are dependent on clean, verified, up to date and comprehensive data on which to base your marketing decisions.

If you’re not managing the accuracy and quality of your data, over time it could have a damaging effect on many areas of your business.

It could have implications for compliance, cost management, customer experience and brand damage.

Take control of your data

Equifax can help you take control and improve the accuracy of your data with Data Management services to:

  • Standardise formats, clean and validate (name,address, phone, email)
  • Manage duplicates and suppression
  • Verify individuals and businesses and their contact details
  • Enhance records with up-to-date contact names, ABN, addresses and telephone numbers (landline and mobile)
  • Integrate disparate data sources to create a 360 degree, single customer view

Validate your contact details

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