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The modern marketer is under pressure to deliver results that can be tangibly measured, fill the sales pipeline and demonstrate that marketing efforts equate to an increase in revenue and sales.

Equifax can help you define your audience, benchmark your market position, measure the outcomes of your marketing activities and learn from the past to improve future marketing results.

This allows you to maximise return on marketing investments to grow top line revenue whilst minimising impact on the bottom line costs.

Our solutions include...

Media Mix Planning

Optimise the media mix in order to increase conversion and return on marketing investment.

Media planning analytics from Equifax include understanding the contribution of individual media and non-media factors, including the impact of competitor advertising, the effectiveness of different creative executions, message durations, days of the week and day parts.

Media Attribution Solutions

Understand how each touch point impacts sales to optimise media budgets and deliver experiences based on a deep understanding of how your customers actually behave.

Campaign Analytics

Campaign analytics comprises defining, measuring, managing and analysing campaign data to generate insights to optimise the campaign management cycle.

Types of analysis include identifying the potential audience, pre-sizing the opportunity, campaign monitoring and post campaign analysis.

This analysis drives effective marketing decision making regarding channel, audience and offers.


CreditShare is a web-based tool that uses aggregated, de-personalised data sourced from Equifax’s credit bureau to deliver up-to-date credit research information on the volume and value of total credit enquiries for residential credit cards, mortgages and personal loans.

Financial Stress Indicator Report

The Financial Stress Indicator Report is specifically designed for Government.

The report helps quantify the relative financial hardship of a population within a specific LGA compared to a greater metropolitan area.

With a clearer understanding of the levels of financial hardship, local governments can better utilise resources and initiate intervention strategies to help to prevent future financial hardship.

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