Analysis and Segmentation

Improve your marketing analysis and segmentation efforts with Equifax

Accurately identify your target audience

Analysis and segmentation provides essential knowledge to identify which groups of customers you should be targeting.

Equifax provides a wealth of information about Australian consumers and businesses that can be used to improve marketing effectiveness by segmenting based on value to your business, propensity to buy and channel/media preferences

The information is presented as a series of discrete data variables which are used as ‘building blocks’ to develop profiles, segmentations and insights about your target audience.

This facilitates your understanding of the characteristics and behaviours of your target market.

Achieve total marketing efficiency

Take advantage of our Consumer Lens  and Commercial Lens data assets for a holistic view of the makeup of Australian consumers and businesses, and use analysis and segmentation to define or validate your business strategy.

This powerful combination will allow you to clearly understand what aspects of your offer appeal to each group, and adapt your service or product to resemble the requirements of your customers.

What kind of data is available?

  • Consumer data
  • Commercial data
  • 50+ attributes can be used:
    • Demographics and geodemographics
    • Segmentations and profiles
    • Propensities
    • Triggers
  • And more

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