fit2work Digital Badges

Verify the credentials of job candidates, students, volunteers and employees. It’s easy to manage your background screening obligations with fit2work’s digital badging system.

Validate a badge

Know who’s working for you

A fit2work digital badge enables you to instantly and securely verify an individual’s credentials and qualifications. Simply visit the fit2work website client portal, enter the applicant’s badge ID number, name and phone number and access to their profile will be granted.

Once a badge is included in your business account, additional background checks and qualifications can be added. Activate auto-notifications and reminders to manage ongoing screening requirements. Use the reporting tool to keep track of checks and improve efficiency.

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Current Clear Police Check within 6 months

ID sighted but not verified

Primary ID document verified to source

Entitlement to work (Visa)

Primary Qualifications Verified

Mandatory Profile Photo

How does it help my business?

Save time and resources chasing up and checking documents when you can use the fit2work badging system to authenticate an individual’s skills and competencies instantly.

Hire with confidence knowing the candidate’s qualifications are genuine.

Avoid duplication by quickly and easily seeing which valid checks an individual already has.

Ensure all employees are checked on a continual basis.

Minimise the potential risk and cost to your business of making an unqualified hire.

Protect your business

Don’t rely on information not expertly verified. The fit2work badging process helps safeguard your business from fraud and costly bad hires when applicants falsify or are untruthful about their qualifications.