Document Verification Service

Verify the authenticity of identity documents. Instant, secure access to the Australian Government’s Documentation Verification Service.


fit2work’s direct integration (effective 18 December 2018) with the national Document Verification Service (DVS) provides a secure and trusted way to confirm the accuracy of government-issued documents in real time.

Adding a DVS check to your screening process can confirm the validity of a candidate’s primary sources of ID like passports and licences. Feel confident in the accuracy of ID information and fulfil identity verification obligations associated with police checks and anti-money laundering.

As an approved Gateway Service Provider, your organisation can access the DVS via our unique and easy-to-use interface. Pass data securely to your backend systems using our established API. Verify identity instantly when candidate ID details are entered into our powerful online portal.

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Get the certainty of a reliable screening solution. Find out why our interface with the DVS is a fast, flexible and safe way to protect against fraudsters and meet compliance requirements.

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Examples of identity documents that can be verified electronically via DVS include:

  • driver’s license
  • Medicare card
  • passport
  • visa/right to work
  • birth certificate.

By entering an individual's details as they appear on their documents, the fit2work platform submits queries to the relevant agencies that issued the documents via the DVS Hub. The DVS will determine if the document details are still valid, not expired or cancelled, and will return an indicator to our online portal within seconds.

If an individual is determined to misrepresent themselves, it’s possible for them to obtain fake or counterfeit ID documents. These documents are a real problem when used to get police and other background checks. Adding a DVS check to screening processes makes it harder for criminals to use fake or stolen documents to steal people’s identities or launder money.

Yes, the fit2work platform offers a single centralised place to order, track and manage more than 100 different background checks. It helps business mitigate and manage risk in a changing human resource environment by providing support across the entire employee lifecycle, from initial hiring through to separation.

With seamless integration into your existing onboarding and due diligence programs, the fit2work platform offers a range of customisable tools to suit your business needs. It’s a fast and easy-to-use service that certifies employees are compliant, up to date and fit to work – all from a single dashboard.


Interested in a packaged solution?

If running individual checks is not enough for your business we offer an integrated solution. Get in touch with us to discuss these solutions or visit our Workforce Mangement Solution website.

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