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Conduct medical assessments for mine workers. Confidently meet your coal mining health and safety obligations.

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Manage potential risks posed by mine industry work. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to administer these pre-placement and periodic health assessments with fit2work’s easy-to-use mobile-ready platform. Enjoy convenient access to an extensive network of approved medical and health practitioners. Coordinate bookings and keep track of results through a single, centralised dashboard.

Use our streamlined workflows and auto-scheduling to stay on top of health surveillance regulations. Driven by quality, expertise and innovation, our platform allows for easy integration into ongoing worker health monitoring requirements.

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Get the certainty of a reliable screening solution. Reduce risk and stay compliant with a fit2work mining medical.

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Legislated compulsory health assessments protect the health of coal mine workers. Operators of coal mines must ensure that health assessments are carried out on each miner they intend to employ, and at periodic intervals after employment.

Yes, the fit2work platform offers a single centralised place to order, track and manage more than 100 different background checks. It helps business mitigate and manage risk in a changing human resource environment by providing support across the entire employee lifecycle, from initial hiring through to separation.

With seamless integration into your existing onboarding and due diligence programs, the fit2work platform offers a range of customisable tools to suit your business needs. It’s a fast and easy-to-use service that certifies employees are compliant, up to date and fit to work – all from a single dashboard.

Fit2work began processing background checks in 2008 and today we are one of Australia’s leading providers of online screening services. With years of experience, we are experts in mitigating and managing employment risk. Government departments and corporations around Australia look to us as a respected and trusted source of advice and innovative solutions.

There is far more value in conducting mining medicals if you have a plan for what you’re going to do with the results. Preparation and strategy is a crucial part of using background checks to benefit your business. Fit2work pre-screening and employment lifecycle processes can integrate seamlessly with organisational policies and procedures.


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If running individual checks is not enough for your business we offer an integrated solution. Get in touch with us to discuss these solutions or visit our Workforce Mangement Solution website.

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