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Conduct pre-employment reference checks quickly and easily. fit2work’s online reference check uses Xref digital assessment technology.

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Dramatically reduce the turnaround time for reference checking with fit2work’s easy-to-use mobile-ready platform. No more time wasted chasing candidate feedback. Our Xref integration automates the referencing process, collecting more meaningful referee feedback and increased insight into candidate suitability.

With seamless integration into your existing pre-screening processes, you can centralise and streamline your workflow, creating a database of referenced candidates and referees in one searchable dashboard. Use the bulk upload feature for volume recruitment projects. Protect your business from privacy, fraud and discriminatory breaches.

The flexibility of fit2work’s reference check system makes it easy to find the right talent for your business sooner.

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How to get started

Get the certainty of a reliable screening solution. Use fit2work online reference checks to hire better talent and streamline the recruitment process.

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Xref is an automated cloud-based candidate referencing platform that provides an efficient alternative to the time-consuming process of chasing references on the phone.

Rather than an employer having to ring a candidate’s reference to check its validity, this tedious follow up work can now happen online. Employers use the platform to request the candidate sends details of their referees. The referees are then automatically contacted via email to provide their feedback to specific questions. This feedback can happen at a time of their choosing via a secure online portal. Responses are analysed and a detailed report generated for the employer.

It typically takes between 20 to 30 seconds for an employer to request a reference. Once the referee has responded, it takes as little as 24 hours for the system to analyse their responses and generate a detailed report for the employer.

Many referees complete references out of business hours, so an online reference check gives them the flexibility to input their responses at a time that suits. Add to this the convenience of being able to use a mobile device.

It avoids the risk of recruiters asking discriminatory questions or recording details incorrectly. Moving the reference check from a conversational-based approach to a written question and answer approach boosts the accuracy, consistency and reliability of data. A more precise and secure data collection process adds layers of governance, security and compliance to the recruitment process, which significantly reduces the risk of reference fraud and bad hires.

Yes, the fit2work platform offers a single centralised place to order, track and manage more than 100 different background checks. It helps business mitigate and manage risk in a changing human resource environment by providing support across the entire employee lifecycle, from initial hiring through to separation.

With seamless integration into your existing onboarding and due diligence programs, the fit2work platform offers a range of customisable tools to suit your business needs. It’s a fast and easy-to-use service that certifies employees are compliant, up to date and fit to work – all from a single dashboard.

Yes, one of the significant advantages of an online reference check is that it nullifies time differences when dealing with multiple time zones.

fit2work began processing background checks in 2008 and today we are one of Australia’s leading providers of online screening services. With years of experience, we are experts in mitigating and managing employment risk. Government departments and corporations around Australia look to us as a respected and trusted source of advice and innovative solutions.

There is far more value in conducting an online reference check if you have a plan for what you’re going to do with the results. Preparation and strategy is a crucial part of using background checks to benefit your business. fit2work pre-screening and employment lifecycle processes can integrate seamlessly with organisational policies and procedures.


Interested in a packaged solution?

If running individual checks is not enough for your business we offer an integrated solution. Get in touch with us to discuss these solutions or visit our Workforce Mangement Solution website.

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