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4th Feb 2020
ROI of 766% in Six Months Driven by SEO

The specialist travel company, Chimu Adventures, wanted to understand the value of their online marketing activity on offline sales.

Their customer journey was fragmented across data silos, restricting their ability to track the user as they moved from online to offline. When a tour was booked on the phone or via an agent, there was no understanding or proper visibility as to which marketing channel had driven the sale.

2nd May 2019
How Open Colleges Improves their Acquisition Strategy using Data Analytics & Technology

Data and analytics are shaping the way businesses in the education sector make decisions to enhance their marketing strategies, as well as boost student academic performance.

13th Sep 2016
8 steps toward sales growth using market segmentation

These best practice steps for data driven segmentation will help make sure even small projects can transform entire companies on the road to bigger market share.