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Regain control of your personal information with Identity Watch

Identity Watch can help stop you feeling vulnerable to identity theft. It offers piece of mind you’ll be looked after 24/7 and alerted before the damage is done if your personal information has been stolen.

By monitoring the online forums where stolen data is traded, we let you know if your identity is compromised and can help you secure your information again.

And, unlike a bank, we look for all types of information, with the aim to alert you before your credit cards are used, or your credit reputation is affected.

Because for us, it’s personal.

Equifax is Australia and New Zealand’s largest and most up-to-date credit bureau, backed by almost half a century of business experience.

When it comes to identity protection, we've spent 10 long years working out the best way to stop cyber thieves in their tracks. And as they get savvier, so do we.

You can feel confident Identity Watch will do what is needed to protect your online identity before it’s too late.

What's monitored - your:

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