IQ Connect

Delivering results fast

IQ Connect is a secure web-based delivery channel where you can search and obtain data on commercial entities and individuals that you needed to help make informed business decisions.  It allows quick and intuitive presentation of a wide variety of reports across Equifax’s extensive range of products, through the one system.

The information channelled through IQ Connect is a combination of third party, public and proprietary data.  It is this overlay of data that adds significant value to your business, giving you the best and most comprehensive insights available.

Why IQ Connect?

There are many customer benefits to using IQ Connect, including:

  • Single sign-on
  • Customisable user access and controls
  • Meets strict security and compliance requirements
  • Productivity gains
  • Alignment to workflows
  • Accessible anywhere, as it is web-based
  • Easy to roll out to multiple users within your business.

Solutions for your business

IQ Connect has all of the solutions you need to conduct your business in a timely and efficient manner.  The depth and breadth of data contained in IQ Connect is unrivalled, so you can have the confidence you have the most up-to-date and accurate data available to make informed business decisions.

In IQ Connect, you can perform credit checks on individuals and companies, validate company information, perform fraud and identity verification, PPSR search and registration, property searches and valuations, bankruptcy information, obtain international and investigative reports, switch on alerts and many other value-add services.



Visualisation is a visualisation solution that fast tracks your interpretation of company information.

Get searching with Visualisation and discover, in just seconds, how to get the complete picture of a company, including its subsidiaries, directors, beneficial owners and responsibilities.

Visualising search results gives you the insights you need to help make faster decisions, like determining whether to extend credit to a customer or if they pose an anti-money laundering risk.

Take your investigation a step further by performing a PPSR grantor search. With minimal clicks and no re-keying of entity identifiers, you’ll truly understand a group’s encumbrances.

Benefits of Visualisation

  • Get answers early by understanding the true situation of a company’s structure
  • On-board customers quickly by reducing manual effort and accessing multiple integrated data sources
  • Know your customer better by discovering beneficial ownership and complying with customer due diligence requirements
  • Optimise risk assessments based on your company’s policy and maintain a complete and audited copy of customer records.


API Connect

API Connect is a software information gateway that integrates business clients directly to Equifax services. API Connect uses XML technology and allows for secure access to:

  • Credit Bureau products and services.
  • Identity Verification products and services. 
  • Access to Third Party products and services like ASIC, Business Names, REVS 

API Connect is ideal for clients with large transaction volumes and/or clients looking to automate processes or integrate Equifax products directly into their own solutions. It allows for users to order products and receive report information via their existing company systems.

Equifax can provide you with all the technical tools and support you need in order to connect. For further information on how API Connect can benefit your organisation or for tailored managed integration options. Please contact your Account Manager or send an email to


DecisionPoint 3

DecisionPoint 3 is a risk management platform that gives you the control you need to manage bureau data and decisioning policies across your business. Equifax designed it from the ground up to accelerate and simplify your credit origination end-to-end processes.  You and your business team can design, manage, and roll out data and decisioning strategies into production systems faster and with less overhead.

Benefits of DecisionPoint 3

  • Easy to use design environment - Create data & decision strategies using our simple design
  • Control your decisions - Manage rules, policies and scorecards in your decisioning strategy
  • Automate your decisions with all the data you need - Connect to credit bureaus and data sources


Data Link Manager

DecisionPoint 3 DataLink Manager is our enterprise bureau management solution to design and execute your data strategies. Data strategies are data enrichment processes to get you more relevant information from internal systems and external credit bureaus. DecisionPoint 3 lets your team control where, when, and how information is used to automate decisions.

Benefits of DecisionPoint 3 DataLink Manager

  • Leverage any data source for multi-source data strategies
  • Automatically de-duplicate bureau responses into a consolidated data set
  • Derive new data elements for more meaningful information relevant to your Decisioning strategy