Electronic ID Verification

Electronically verify the authenticity of your identity documents. Instant, secure access to the Australian Government’s Documentation Verification Service.

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Save your employer the time and effort of checking your ID against the issuing source. Show you’re employment ready by presenting your documents as verified.

fit2work’s direct integration (effective 18 December 2018) with the national Document Verification Service (DVS) allows you to easily confirm the validity of passports, licences and other primary sources of ID.

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How it works

Enter your ID details into our powerful online portal for instant verification. Our interface with the Document Verification Service (DVS) allows identifying information to be compared against the record of the agency that issued the document.

Employers will feel confident about your work readiness when you show that your records have been verified.

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Examples of identity documents that can be verified electronically via DVS include:

  • driver’s license
  • Medicare card
  • passport
  • visa/right to work
  • birth certificate.

Once you have entered your identity details as they appear on each document, the fit2work platform submits queries to the relevant agencies that issued the documents via the DVS Hub. The DVS will determine if the document details are still valid, not expired or cancelled, and will return an indicator to our online portal within seconds.

You receive a result within seconds of entering your details.


Stand out from other applicants and prove that you are fit2work

A fit2work digital badge makes it easy for you to demonstrate your verified credentials to potential employers. Insert this certification badge into your resume or share it via email or social media.

Choose from a standard, bronze, silver or gold badge to display your level of work readiness. Each badge shows you are a genuinely qualified job seeker who has passed all the essential checks, from police checks through to the verification of your qualifications.

Differentiate yourself from the competition and benefit from the instant credibility that comes with a fit2work badge.

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