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Check you are entitled to work in Australia. fit2work’s online verification system provides quick and easy education, visa and employment screening.

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fit2work’s right to work check is sourced directly from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Visa Entitlement Verification (VEVO) system. Receive instant online confirmation you have the appropriate visa approval and request a passport verification to prove Australian citizenship status.

Verify the authenticity of your educational qualifications and employment history to demonstrate your work readiness. Find out what background checks you may need, such as Police checks and Working With Children.

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How it works

Log in or register for a fit2work account. Upload your consent, identity documents and required personal details, including a selfie. Follow the prompts.

Our intuitive online platform provides a secure and trusted way to confirm you are acting legally and your background information is authentic.

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All Australian and New Zealand citizens and Permanent Australian residents have unlimited permission to work in Australia. 

A foreign national working in Australia without a visa or in breach of their visa conditions is an illegal worker. 

No, not all visa holders have their details recorded in their passports. The best way to quickly and easily check the work entitlements of non-citizens is via fit2work’s online verification system.

Anyone who works or volunteers with children in NSW must have a Working With Children (WWCC) clearance. This clearance is valid for five years. An Australian Police Check is a necessary step in obtaining a WWCC.

An employment history check is a safeguard for employers that there are no lies or exaggerations in the work experience or employment history of a candidate. 

The human resource or payroll department of previous employers will be contacted to confirm details like dates of employment, positions held, remuneration and reasons for leaving. Discrepancies about past achievements or responsibilities will be followed up. 

An academic qualifications check examines the name of the qualification, whether it was completed, the issuing institution, attendance and graduation dates.


Stand out from other applicants and prove that you are fit2work

A fit2work digital badge makes it easy for you to demonstrate your verified credentials to potential employers. Insert this certification badge into your resume or share it via email or social media.

Choose from a standard, bronze, silver or gold badge to display your level of work readiness. Each badge shows you are a genuinely qualified job seeker who has passed all the essential checks, from police checks through to the verification of your qualifications.

Differentiate yourself from the competition and benefit from the instant credibility that comes with a fit2work badge.

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