What does manual processing mean for a police check?

Around 20% to 30% of checks will go to ‘manual processing’ for further investigations by the police. Once a check has been sent to manual processing, it usually takes 2 to 10 working days to return. Around 5% can take up to 20 working days or longer.

The reasons for a check being referred to manual processing include:

  • The applicant has a common name or a name that matches with a potential person of interest
  • The check has old police history information (disclosable outcomes) that requires manual collection and processing of hardcopy records
  • Information has been transferred between the various state and territory police agencies before the information can be vetted and/or released.

fit2work is not able to speed up the return on a check result if it has been referred to manual processing. We are allowed to follow up your check with the police after 15 business days have lapsed.