Bringing big data to life through visualisations

Data is transformed into clear and actionable visuals to help stakeholders make sense of its value. Quickly identify trends, market changes and issues to assist with your data-driven decision-making process.

Equifax visual insights provides access to a collection of pre-built, configurable graphical representations. These allow you to see connections otherwise missed between multi-dimensional data. Despite these visualisations representing vast amounts of de-identified, aggregated data points, our intuitive, easy-to-use interface requires minimal technical knowledge.

Amplify your visualisations with real-world insights to benchmark your business against your peers and industry. With access to Equifax’s rich data, you have market, portfolio and customer level insights across a range of industries at your fingertips. This includes credit and trade payments, marketing, auto, property, tenancy, fraud, collections and employment. Equifax is Australia’s largest aggregator of consumer and business data.