Collections Solutions

All the information you’ll need to turn bad debt into money in one place, saving you time and expense chasing overdue accounts.

Market Overview

The collections solutions from Equifax can help you get in contact with existing customers faster and prioritise your collection approach by better predicting which customers are most likely to pay.

As Australia’s largest, most comprehensive and current credit data bureau, you can be assured of the best insights and experience with Equifax.

Whether you want to chase an overdue payment, recover on bad debt, or determine what debt to sell early to maximise yields, just contact us and we can help.



Find lost debtors faster and help complete the customer picture.

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Account Management Service

Improve collections by segmenting your debtors more accurately.

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Operational Collections Reports and Alerts

Improve collection recovery rates with bureau data and real-time notifications.

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Debt Recovery Score

Reduce bad debt by predicting which debtors will pay.

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Equifax Engage Plus

A smart debt collection digital platform that works for you and your customers.

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Equifax Engage

Engage your customers across SMS, web chat, social media, email and voice via a one-stop web portal.

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Key Benefits

Equifax's collections solutions can help you...

  • Find lost debtors

    Improve your chances of contacting customers with Equifax's extensive database.

  • Reduce bad debt

    Reach customers quicker and better focus collections on those most likely to pay.

  • Decrease collections costs

    More accurate data and better insight for your collections strategy, slashing time and effort taken to get paid.

  • Prioritise collections activities

    Focus resources on those likely to recover and receive notifications as customers’ situations change.

  • Improve customer experience

    Handle customers likely to self-cure with a light touch and proactively reach out to those in hardship.

  • Maximise yield on debt sale

    Determine which debt to sell and accelerate the sale to get the best price.

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